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At the Place of Execution

storiesPosted by Eulalia 2011-07-01 08:35PM
Here's a poem I've made imagining the thoughts and feelings of the lovely girl at the left of the picture above:

I should be shrieking,

yet with the shackles' grip

seizing my arms,

I feel so conquered, captive

that I only crave

to toss my head back

yield slave-kisses

to their sneering lips.

So sharply clinched,

my shoulders tight,

my ribs forced forwards,

tits proud prey,

I should be ashamed -

but no, my eager nipples spring

my soft flesh longs,

lifts, for their tiger teeth

to gnaw.

And in between my throbbing thighs

with each swing of my striding hips

my loin-rag teases.

I should be praying,

mercy on my maidenhood -

but all my warm and womb-wet woman flesh

cries "pierce me, pile-drive,

your pricks like iron nails,

impale me, ready for the rhino's horn!"

Yummy strawberries

gossipPosted by Melissa 2011-06-25 04:27PM
Just been out in the garden picking some of our strawberries. There are tons of them this year. We put the little runners into small pots and in spring replace the old plants with new ones. The new ones are disease free and in summer give us bowl after bowl of melt in you mouth strawberries.
Jeremy and Kermit (Our guard frogs) paid our pond a visit along with their girlfriends this spring so now we have thousands of tadpoles. I don't mind frogs except when they leap on your back when sunbathing.

Funny folk in town.

gossipPosted by Melissa 2011-06-25 04:20PM
It's that time of year when hundreds of funny folk descend on our town centre and entertain shoppers with their fertility dances and music.
They look a bit scary to me!

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